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Richard C. Angino, his current law firm (Angino Law), has been committed to his and their clients for 50 years to provide the best representation for innocent, injured victims in virtually every area of plaintiff civil litigation law. Richard C. Angino, over his 50-year career, has been a part of the development of plaintiff civil litigation law, including the adoption of strict products liability by the Pennsylvania Courts in 1966, uninsured/underinsured motorist law, no fault (1974/1975), the 1984 Financial Responsibility Law, 1990 Bad Faith Law, 2002 Medical Malpractice law, and the Whistleblower Law. Richard Angino has distinguished himself by being in the forefront of virtually all areas of civil litigation law. Over the years, Richard Angino has hired associates to assist him but he has always been the owner, “head,” and decision maker with respect to every client who engages any attorney in the Angino Law Firm or its predecessors. Unlike many law firms that heavily advertise on television, Richard Angino, the Angino Law Firm (Angino Law), and its predecessors, for many years received his/their clients from reputation, forwarding attorneys and satisfied prior clients.


We have a team of 2 lawyers and 5 support staff who are committed to your success.

We maintain a database of over 1,000 legal, medical, and technical experts. We represent ONLY victims and NOT insurance companies.

Compare our qualifications, resources, and experience if you have a serious injury case or a case involving wrongful death. We offer Free Consultations and there is NEVER a charge to answer your questions. If we don’t make a recovery, you pay NO fees or expenses.


You call the Angino Law Firm (Angino Law) because you or someone you love has been injured or killed by someone’s negligence. You have important questions and concerns. Call us… (717) 238-6791 / (800) 648-2070, we do not charge to answer questions about your personal injury.

Following an initial interview, you will know immediately if your case is the type the Angino Law Firm (Angino Law) handles. The Angino Law Firm (Angino Law) does not handle workers compensation, social security, divorce, real estate or criminal matters.


At the Angino Law Firm (Angino Law), we believe that every person should be responsible for the consequences of his/her actions. This principle is put into practice by pursuing your case to make the person or business entity which caused your injury accountable for his/her actions.

Pursuing justice against large corporations and insurance companies is difficult and demanding work. The Angino Law Firm (Angino Law) achieves an outstanding record by holding to the highest standards and building on a tradition of excellence.

All clients have been injured in some way. It is the policy at the Angino Law Firm (Angino Law) to treat each client with compassion and with dignity. There are no “small” cases at the Angino Law Firm (Angino Law)… YOU are important and will be treated with the utmost patience and respect.


We will review all the facts, and gather all necessary information to handle your case. If your case is the type the Angino Law Firm (Angino Law) handles, it is worked up and discussed at the regular weekly team meetings.



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