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Product Liability Law


If a product is defective and causes harm, a claim may be made against the product manufacturer.  Richard Angino has written, lectured, and tried product liability cases since strict product liability law became the law in 1966.  A product is defective if it is unsafe and could be made safe at a reasonable cost.  At the end of 2014, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court clarified product liability law and it is therefore critical to have a lawyer and law firm with the reputation, expertise, and resources to handle these types of  complex cases.   Richard C. Angino has the reputation, expertise, and resources to battle the big manufacturers.

Richard C. Angino has four decades of experience in representing persons harmed as the result of defective products.

Contact the personal injury law firm of Angino Law for assistance with your product liability case.

Harrisburg PA’s Product Liability Law Expert (Richard C. Angino).  Since the 1966 adoption of strict liability in Pennsylvania, Richard Angino has been in the forefront of litigating, lecturing, briefing and arguing Appellate cases dealing with products liability law.



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