Who We Are

What Makes the Angino Law Firm Different?

The Angino law Firm is a small “boutique” firm. It does not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising on television for auto, workers’ comp, and social security cases. It has chosen to handle a few cases and handle them well. It has a commitment to its clients to spend the time, effort and expense to get the “best results” possible.

Our Firm Philosophy

At the Angino Law Firm, we believe that every person should be responsible for the consequences of his/her actions. This principle is put into practice by pursuing your case to make the person or business entity which caused your injury accountable for its action.

Pursuing justice against large corporations and insurance companies is difficult and demanding work. The Angino Law Firm achieves an outstanding record by holding to the highest standards and building on a tradition of excellence.

All clients have been injured in some way. It is the policy at the Angino Law Firm to treat each client with compassion and with dignity. There are no “small” cases at the Angino Law Firm … YOU are important and will be treated with the utmost patience and respect.

We Review The Facts

We will review all the facts, and gather all necessary information to handle your case. If your case is the type the Angino Law Firm handles, it is worked up and discussed almost daily with the firm team.

Our History

The Angino Law Firm has a long and respected history beginning in 1928 with the original law firm of Hurwitz, Klein, Meyers, and Benjamin. In l965, Richard C. Angino joined the firm and within 10 years became the owner.  In the 1980’s, the firm name changed to Angino and Rovner and in 2015 became The Angino Law Firm.